Hilton Is Entering Its Golden Era of Reinvention — Here Are Its New Brands and Member Benefits

Later this year, checking into a Hilton may look slightly different.

Imagine opening the door to a luxury Airstream, one that sits at the entrance to Yosemite National Park, and seeing a Hilton logo. Perhaps you’re strolling along the halls of an enchanting château with Hilton branding in the south of France. Or you waltz into the storied NoMad London and spot a sign welcoming Hilton Honors members.

It’s an exciting time for the over 100-year-old company behind brands like Waldorf Astoria, Conrad, and DoubleTree. With a flurry of significant acquisitions and partnerships in recent months, Hilton is in the midst of a golden era of reinvention. 

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That’s in addition to the upcoming late 2024 reopening of the iconic Waldorf Astoria New York (we’re particularly excited about that one) and 10 new resorts in hotspots across the Mediterranean spanning from Ibiza to the Athens Riviera.

“We know we have a lot under our umbrella, but we’re creating a portfolio where we fill in all the gaps for travelers,” Mark Weinstein, chief marketing officer for Hilton, told Travel + Leisure at a media event in Nashville. “It’s about creating more value and opportunities for our Hilton Honors members.”

Weinstein is referring to a portfolio that will grow by four unique brands over the coming months. And perhaps most exciting of all is how Hilton’s members — all 180 million of them worldwide — will reap the benefits.

What’s New at Hilton — And How Members Will Benefit

You could say Hilton has been on a shopping spree of late. The McLean, Virginia-based powerhouse is establishing a foothold in the “luxury lifestyle” hotel category — occupied by brands like Marriott’s Edition and Hyatt’s Thompson Hotels — while shoring up its footprint worldwide.

How’s it doing so? Well, it’s buying and collaborating with existing (and trendy) hospitality companies. 

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On the luxury front, Hilton recently acquired a majority stake in the Sydell Group, the parent company of NoMad Hotels. While NoMad New York unfortunately shuttered during the pandemic, the London property has been a T+L favorite. Hilton plans to integrate that specific location into its Honors program and eventually grow the NoMad brand to over 100 hotels.

Small Luxury Hotels of the World (SLH), with hundreds of premium boutique properties from European castles to treehouses in South America, will also become part of the Hilton lineup in the coming months. Hilton managed to snatch SLH away from Hyatt earlier this year.

Then, just last month, the playful Graduate Hotels brand, with several dozen properties steeped in local history in college cities and towns, was also acquired by Hilton. Executives say there’s potential to grow the number of Graduate Hotels to 500 globally, in conjunction with the thousands of existing colleges and universities worldwide.

Last but certainly not least is AutoCamp, the glamping and luxury outdoor retreat company located in both iconic national parks and some of the most beautiful nature escapes across the U.S. On May 16, Hilton launched the ability to book the first AutoCamp property through its booking channels. AutoCamp Cape Cod offers guests a selection of 108 suites, including the brand’s custom-designed Airstreams, luxury tents, and cabins. That includes the ability to book and redeem Hilton Honors points.

Eight additional AutoCamp properties will soon be available to book through Hilton, including locations in the Catskills, Yosemite, Zion, and others.

Hilton says it’s hard at work finalizing and executing the logistics of integrating other new brands (NoMad, Graduate, and SLH) into Hilton’s loyalty program. However, travelers can expect the ability to book using points, earn points on stays, and receive select elite status and loyalty benefits.

While some finer details are still being ironed out, now may be a good time to be on the Hilton bandwagon, whether you’re looking to stay in a luxury tent at Joshua Tree or an estate-turned-hotel in the English countryside. “We’re building something where there’s a stay for every occasion and every type of traveler,” Weinstein said.

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