7 must-visit travel destinations for luxury watch enthusiasts

In February 2022, Swiss watch brand Breitling unveiled its largest and most impressive boutique to date—the Breitling Townhouse Hannam in Seoul. This flagship store goes beyond traditional watch retail, introducing a range of new offerings and experiences for visitors. Spanning 8,000 sq ft across two floors, the Breitling Townhouse Hannam features a street-level Breitling Cafe and the brand’s first-ever restaurant, Breitling Kitchen. This unique concept allows customers to enjoy a complete Breitling experience under one roof, combining shopping, dining and relaxation. According to Breitling CEO Georges Kern, this flagship store represents a departure from traditional watch retail.

The industrial-loft-inspired atmosphere exudes a relaxed and inclusive vibe, reflecting the watchmaker’s sustainable approach to luxury. The three universes of air, sea and land, which represent Breitling’s watch families, are incorporated throughout the townhouse. Highlights of this extraordinary space include the flagship boutique, a spacious area inspired by aviation lounges, where visitors can explore the latest watch collections. Additionally, the equipment shop-within-a- shop offers a range of tools and accessories inspired by the brand’s universes.

The standout venue is the Breitling Kitchen, a collaboration with chef Kim Hyeong-kyu. Guests can indulge in a unique dining experience with themed seating zones representing air, sea and land, or reserve a private dining room within their preferred Breitling universe. To further enhance the customer experience, the Breitling Cafe offers a cosy environment to enjoy coffees and fresh baked goods. The adjacent terrace serves as an extension of the café, providing outdoor seating and a versatile space for private events. For those interested in Breitling’s rich heritage, a vintage corridor displays an immersive journey through interactive displays, allowing visitors to delve into history. A destination not to miss!

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