Prime Video users are in for ad(ded) streaming interruptions

What you need to know

  • Amazon Ads will roll out three new interactive ads for Amazon Prime video on TVs and other living room devices.
  • The company says this will enable users to seamlessly shop during the 15-30-second ad breaks between their shows/movies.
  • These ads are said to pop up even when a video is paused and showcase facts about the brand that will help users shop better.

Streaming on Prime Video will get a bit busier as Amazon announced on Tuesday (May 7) that it will add three new interactive and shoppable ad formats to its streaming platform on living room devices.

The company said that Prime Video will now receive an expanded suite of interactive and shoppable ad formats, including remote-enabled capabilities for living room devices that go a step ahead of the usual QR code that pops up in an ad.

Brands will now be able to showcase shoppable carousel ads to help viewers browse and shop multiple product variations on Amazon during ad breaks in Prime Video shows and movies. Brands can also use interactive pause and brand trivia ads in Prime Video TV shows, movies, and live sports. 

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