The Cubs need to fix their catching. Here are 3 catchers they could trade for.

In this week’s “Three up, three down” feature, I noted the Cubs have a major catching issue with Yan Gomes and Miguel Amaya. Neither is hitting, and neither has been any good at throwing out baserunners.

So, the thought comes up that the Cubs should try to acquire someone better to be behind the plate. In this scenario, I think I’d probably just release Gomes, who is in the final year of his contract, and keep Amaya as a backup. Amaya does have talent and played pretty well in 2023. He’s only 25 — he could still improve.

Here are three catchers who could be available by trade, and the pluses and minuses of acquiring them.

Elias Diaz, Rockies

Diaz is having a fine year, batting .304/.349/.437 with four home runs in 44 games. He’s also done okay throwing out base stealers, though his 20 percent CS rate is below his career norms (still better than Gomes and Amaya, though!). He led the NL in CS rate in 2021 at 42 percent.


Diaz is a decent hitter, though there’s always that “but Coors Field!” caveat. He’s batting about the same on the road this year (.774 OPS) compared to Coors (.795 OPS), so maybe that’s not a big deal. The CS rate is a big plus.


He’s 33 and has been around a while. It’s always possible for a catcher like that to suddenly decline in performance. He’s making $6 million this year, the same as Gomes. Perhaps the Rockies could be talked into a contract swap, if the Cubs added some decent prospects to the deal. Diaz is a free agent after this year.

Danny Jansen, Blue Jays

Jansen is having a good year with the bat, hitting .297/.375/.571 with five home runs in 28 games.


The bat, primarily. While Jansen’s .946 OPS is by far his career best (small sample size alert!), he has a career OPS of .757, which is far better than either of the Cubs catchers.


He’s not really throwing out baserunners, just 13 percent last year and 18 percent this year. Both numbers are better than Cubs catchers in 2024, though. Jansen is making $5.2 million this year, again close to what Gomes is making. In this case again, perhaps some sort of financial deal can accompany prospects. Gomes began his career in Toronto, perhaps ending it there would work for the team.

Victor Caratini, Astros

Would a reunion with the former Cubs catcher work?


Caratini is decent enough at throwing out runners, 27 percent this year, a bit above his career norm. He’s hitting well enough, .261/.307/.420 with two home runs in 26 games. And, he’s a switch-hitter, making him a bit more versatile.


The Cubs would be taking on a 2025 deal for Caratini at $6 million. Honestly, that isn’t that much for someone of his talent level. 2025 will be his age-31 season. The Cubs don’t have catching prospects at the highest level of the system, so perhaps another year of Caratini would be useful.

Now I’m going to let you make the suggestions for which prospect(s) you would include in a deal for any of these catchers. They’re all making about the same amount of money so the idea would be, send Gomes over to make it a financial wash, and add in prospects to make the trade worth it for the other team.

Which of these catchers would you want the Cubs to trade for?


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