The Most Expensive Car Feature In 2024

Key Takeaways

  • Luxury car options can quickly inflate the price, but Ferrari offers top-notch features at a premium cost.
  • The Ferrari Purosangue Design Pack adds $101,000 to the MSRP, including premium leather and carbon fiber features.
  • Schmee150 spent nearly $95,000 on options for his Purosangue, highlighting the high cost of customization.

Luxury cars command a premium over typical mass-market models, which goes without saying, as they are often equipped with plush interiors, more powerful engines, and sharp exterior tweaks. However, the standard equipment is not enough for some, so the options and accessories list will always appeal.

It can be a dangerous game ticking a luxury car’s options list without considering the price, as it will soon see that starting MSRP soaring north. With that being said, most manufacturers are quite sensible with the extra fees, and in line with the competition. Ferrari doesn’t work like this though; they offer the best products, with the best options, at the best quality available – and you’d better believe that the prices are set to impress too.

Lock your checkbook away and keep your credit card hidden, as these optional features are enough to bankrupt the average gearhead, and Ferrari is the industry leader when it comes to exorbitant extras.

HotCars has collected information and pricing data from manufacturer’s websites, in addition to sources such as CarBuzz and the Ferrari Chat forum, in order to display and discuss the most expensive optional features available for 2024. In addition, we have sourced information on some notably expensive options and extras from older models.


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The Ferrari Purosangue Design Pack Is The Most Expensive Optional Feature In 2024

Key Facts

  • The Design Pack costs an extra $101,000
  • That extra cost is on top of the $398,350 MSRP
  • It includes leather massaging seats, a panoramic glass roof, and a whole lot of carbon fiber

The Design Pack On A Ferrari Purosangue Costs Over $100,000

Anyone who knows anything about cars will understand that a Ferrari doesn’t come cheap. Even if you don’t care for them, it’s well understood that Ferrari produces some of the most desirable and expensive cars on the planet, and the Purosangue, their new sports car (they’re very particular about you not calling it an SUV), is no exception.

Sitting over $100,000 more expensive than the Lamborghini Urus or Aston Martin DBX707, the Purosangue is keen to differentiate itself from other luxury models in the market – it even commands an extra $23,000 over the Rolls-Royce Cullinan, thanks to a starting price of just $398,350.

If you can wrap your head around the starting price, then get ready for this – Ferrari offers a Design Pack, which will set you back a further $101,000. Fans of round numbers will be sure to check that tickbox on the spec sheet, as it will round the price of your new Purosangue up to half a million dollars.

So, what does Ferrari provide in exchange for the additional $101,000?

According to a comprehensive review published on our sister site, CarBuzz, the Design Pack consists chiefly of these optional extras: all the interior and exterior carbon fiber trim pieces, yellow brake calipers, sports exhausts, a panoramic glass roof, Ferrari shields on the fenders, privacy windows, extended leather trim on the dashboard, and luxuriously leather-trimmed heated seats with massaging functions.

That’s actually quite a lot for your money, as Ferrari are notoriously expensive when it comes to options, and this $101,000 Design Pack seems to include all the right bits.

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Here’s How Much Other Options On The 2024 Ferrari Purosangue Cost

Notable Options

  • Le Mans Blu two-layer paint: $13,110
  • Cuoio leather interior: $4,589
  • Contrast stitching: $1,180

Famous YouTuber and popular gearhead Schmee150 is a serious Ferrari fan, and fortunately for us, he’s very transparent when it comes to how much these things cost. He recently took delivery of a suave new Ferrari Purosangue, and although he didn’t tick the super-expensive Design Pack option, he did manage to run up a near-$95,000 bill on the options list.

Instead, Schmee picked out the individual features he desired the most, including some carbon fiber but not too much, as he prefers a more ‘under the radar’ aesthetic, as he puts it. The most expensive option he went for was the paint, inspired by the same color he chose for his first new Ferrari, an FF. The color was Le Mans Blu, a deep and rich choice, which set him back just over $13,100. In addition, the leather interior cost $4,589, and even the contrast stitching managed to set him back four figures, with a bill of $1,180.

Other features from the Design Pack, such as the yellow brake calipers and heated rear seats, Schmee decided to leave out.


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The 2014 Ferrari LaFerrari Boasted A $333,000 Optional Feature

2014 Ferrari LaFerrari

Five Most Expensive 2014 LaFerrari Options

  • Carbon fiber front end: $333,472
  • Carbon fiber rear diffuser: $248,267
  • Carbon fiber rear bumper: $194,014
  • Carbon fiber sport package: $181,228
  • Carbon fiber engine trim: $137,440

A Carbon Fiber LaFerrari Front End Cost $333,472 Back In 2014

The Ferrari LaFerrari is no longer in production, but with an MSRP north of $1.5 million back in 2014, it is a great indicator that the optional extra list is going to be an expensive one. You would be right in thinking that, and once again, it’s carbon fiber that sends the figure soaring, and your net worth plummeting.

For example, the most expensive option is a full carbon fiber front end, which costs a neat third of a million dollars. For the matching rear bumper, it’s $194,014, or an additional $248,267 for the rear diffuser – we’re unsure if the latter includes the former, but either way, it’s a considerable cost. For the touring enthusiast, Ferrari has your back, as a matching leather luggage set is also available for $99,000.


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Bentley Offered A $229,000 Optional Clock On The Bentayga SUV

Key Facts

  • The dash-mounted clock is assembled by renowned Swiss watchmakers Breitling
  • Breitling equipped the clock with an incredibly complex tourbillion movement
  • This complex clock commands a $229,000 additional cost, on top of the $229,000 MSRP

Bentley’s Ultimate Breitling Clock Practically Doubled The Bentayga’s MSRP

Keen not to be outdone by the Italians, Britain’s Bentley stepped up in 2015 to offer perhaps one of the most outrageous options ever available for a production vehicle. It might not be as pricey as the LaFerrari carbon panels, but proportionately it’s even more impressive, as it’s practically 100% of the base model’s starting price.

That’s right, for $229,000, Bentley would swap out your standard Breitling clock for a fancy, spinning Breitling, with a superbly complicated tourbullion movement, a mother-of-pearl face, and enough gold and diamonds to make it a national treasure. Available on the Bentayga SUV, this, along with the Purosangue options, leads us to believe that luxury SUV shoppers really are keen on burning through that extra cash. It’s not clear whether Bentley can still supply this on the current Bentayga, but seeing as the partnership between the two luxury brands ended a few years back, it seems unlikely.

Sources: Bentley, Ferrari, CarBuzz, Ferrari Chat Forum

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