Peel Trident microcar proves size doesn’t matter for luxury

Everyone likes their cars big these days, but the Peel Trident is a 3-wheeler micro car, and it exists to make a statement.

The car is so small that it might look like you’re in a miniature museum.

It aims to be the world’s smallest sports car and has caught a lot of attention from many enthusiasts.

We drove one, and it’s certainly something.

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It is completely your choice whether to call it a car, a trike, or just a vehicle that gets you from point A to point B.

Trikes, while still not extinct, are still being produced — like the VW Geparda.

The Peel Trident is proof that anything can be luxurious — big or small — if you paint it in glossy black and gold.

It produces a whopping 4.2 horsepower from its relatively tiny engine.

You read that right — it’s not 42 hp, but slightly more than 4 hp.

With that ‘performance,’ can it even reach adequate speeds?

The trike has a top speed of 45 mph (65 km/h), regardless of its puny engine.

With that power, you will certainly attract a lot of attention if you choose to take it out for a stroll.

And you wouldn’t have to be alone — that’s because the Trident can seat up to two people.

It won’t be a comfortable ride, but at least you will have someone for the experience.

The company behind it, Peel Engineering, originally created two micro cars — the Trident and the P50.

The P50 holds the world record for being the smallest production automobile.

You can now guess why enthusiasts may obsess over one of these cars.

The Microlino city car, the world’s smallest EV, is a worthy competitor to the Trident.

The car we got to drive was borrowed from Masterkey Rent A Car, who had some modifications done to it.

If you’re wondering about what it’s like to drive one of these, you probably should avoid getting inside during the summer.

That’s because it’s an enclosed vehicle without AC.

However, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have ventilation.

There’s a tiny sliding window where the ‘doors’ should be.

Oh, and there are no conventional doors on the Peel Trident.

You get in by lifting its top part, which is basically a scissor door on steroids.

In the end, the Peel Trident is an interesting car, and worthy of a car collection with unusual cars.

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