Helm Motorcars Unveils Exquisite Jaguar E-Type Restomod Headed For America

Key Takeaways

  • Helm Motorcars unveils the Rhode Island Commission, the latest of 20 Jaguar E-Type Series I restomods.
  • Suspension and performance upgrades make it more enjoyable to drive.
  • Luxurious leather-lined interior includes modern day convenience features.

Helm Motorcars has released its latest E-Type Series I restomod, the Rhode Island Commission. It is the third vehicle in a series of 20 vehicles, all of which will be different and unique, resulting in individual works of art. As the name suggests, the Rhode Island Commission is destined for a wealthy client in New England who specified the vehicle beautifully.

The restomod specialist hasn’t shared any engine details but notes that the vehicle has a new hand-crafted air intake. Unlike many restomod companies, Helm has opted to retain a traditional combustion engine. If you prefer silent propulsion, several outfitters will happily electrify the E-Type. A 300-horsepower 3.8-liter inline-six has powered previous Helm creations.

Minor Performance Upgrades And Modern Convenience Features

It should be an engaging drive with a strengthened chassis and more robust engine frames. Helm has also removed the original suspension for a bespoke Ohlins solution. Visually, the vehicle impresses and looks exquisite with its Emerald Green paintwork, which contrasts beautifully with the dainty wire wheels and chrome trim.

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Helm has employed an advanced electrophoretic body coating technique for the vehicle, which ensures a more uniform paint finish and greater corrosion resistance so that this E-Type won’t rot away like the Jags of yesteryear. As with any restomod, the trick is subtly integrating modern conveniences with classic charm. The Rhode Island Commission boasts front and rear parking sensors and a new seven-speaker audio and infotainment system with Bluetooth and Apple Airplay.

The Luxurious Cabin E-Type Always Deserved

The interior has been swathed in high-end leather. Helm has worked with the Bill Amberg Studio for bespoke hide, with the cabin receiving a mix of Ochre-colored aniline European calf hide and European calf suede. The plush leather transforms the cabin into one worthy of an E-Type. “The original E-Type was rather let down by its black plastic interior. The new interior is designed to match the promise of the exterior – such a classic car deserves a luxurious experience to match once the driver is behind the wheel,” commented Bull Amberg.


New Jaguar E-Type Roadster Restomod Refuses To Go Electric

Because a Jaguar E-Type deserves a six-cylinder engine.

Complementing the new leather upholstery are bespoke aluminum trim and a handmade matching Bill Amberg luggage set designed to fit perfectly within the E-Type. The Rhode Island Commission will be entered into the Newport Concours (October 3-6), where it will undoubtedly turn heads. Helm founder Chedeen Battick says his latest creation “is the continuation of our mission to take advantage of modern best practice in terms of build and engineering in order to create the ultimate E-Type, fit for the expectations of today’s driver, without compromise.” We look forward to seeing what the remaining 17 cars will look like once completed.

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