2025 Lexus ES rendered with EV-focused new look

Trademarks and concept vehicles hint at a BEV makeover for Lexus’ luxury shuttle sedan

With a new-generation Toyota Camry on the way, it’s only natural Lexus follows suit with a new Camry-based ES sedan.

Expected to hit the global market next year sometime, the 2025 Lexus ES will debut with Toyota’s new-generation 2.5-litre four-cylinder hybrid system as seen in the new Camry, possibly with the option of all-wheel-drive, and perhaps even a battery electric set-up or two.

The latter theory heralds from the recent filing of two new trademark applications both here (IP Australia) and abroad for the ‘ES350e’ and ‘ES500e’ nameplates, with the ‘e’ suffix traditionally denoting the presence of a BEV powertrain on other Lexus products – i.e. the Lexus UX300e.

Details are scarce for now, but odds are the 500e system will be a flagship dual-motor compared to the 350e’s positioning as a front-drive volume seller similar to the 350h and 500h hybrid powertrains offered in other models.

Digital image: kolesa.ru

Seeing as the current RZ 450e offers a combined 230kW from its dual-motor drivetrain, we expect the ES500e to offer more than 250kW and serve as the indisputable portfolio flagship while the single-motor ES350e will likely output less than 200kW

It’s perhaps no surprise then the first high-level renders of the new ES show a radically different exterior design to the current model as well as the new Camry; one that would lend itself decently to a BEV application seeing as it barely looks like a Lexus at all.

Instead, the new ES – rendered by Kolesa.RU based on a previous concept – looks like a Chinese EV destined to pinch sales off the Camry.

Narrow features and a largely enclosed front fascia hint at the model’s understandable quest for a low drag coefficient and would make it very easy for the average shopper to mistake it for something else.

Current Lexus ES
New Toyota Camry

The Camry’s overarching lines can still be seen down the flanks of the body and towards the rear, but the previously obvious relation is largely gone, masked by that new front end.

The signature Lexus mesh and or honeycomb grille has been replaced by little more than some thin slits at the top and bottom of the front bumper, framed by a pair or air curtains at either end.

ES350h has also been intellectually secured in Australia and undoubtedly refers to the new-generation hybrid system which will offer more power and efficiency compared to the current 300h system, plus the new addition of optional all-wheel-drive – at least it will for the Camry overseas.

Speaking of the Camry, the first traces of an electric ES suggest a zero-emission version of Australia’s second-favourite sedan is in the works and likely a key part of Toyota’s plan to snub the Tesla Model 3 at the top of the sales charts.

Digital image credit: Kolesa.RU

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